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Space Tornado Renamer is an efficient solution for bulk renaming of files. It lets users change the name of a group of files in a matter of seconds and according to the parameters you set yourself.

The program uses four different steps to rename your files. These can be combined, organized, or eliminated from the process as needed.

By default Space Tornado Renamer first replaces the words or phrases you've indicated. Next it erases all the characters you deem unnecessary, and then it changes upper- and lower-case letters as specified. As the last step Space Tornado Renamer adds text wherever you need it to go (at the beginning or the end of the file name).

Space Tornado Renamer also lets users preview the new name, undo the latest changes, simultaneously rename in several different ways, use the drag and drop function, etc.

Requires Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 or higher.

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